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Kohl, Secrest, Wardle, Lynch, Clark and Hampton Co

Dear Bob:

Davis Lane Investment Company is pleased to offer their personal reference to your firm as assistance in obtaining additional property management business.  Our experiences with your firm have been unmatched by any other real estate professionals that have offered services to our investment group.

Since signing a contract for services with your firm, you have successfully renegotiated our debt service structure saving us expenses we never realized possible.  Your management team has analyzed and reviewed our prior operating information and implemented an operating budget that has made this investment successful.

Property Services Group, Inc., has continually renewed all leases in our building at favorable market rates which has resulted in a reduction in tenant turnover costs as well as increasing our operating income.

Your firm has consistently demonstrated your accounting abilities by producing timely accurate statements of operations.  Your accounting staff continues to coordinate these reports and has produced final year-end statements that reduce our costs for tax return preparation.

The partners of Davis Lane Investment Company are pleased to serve as reference for Property Service Group, Inc., and welcome any inquiries to your abilities and performance. 

Very truly yours,  

Roger F. Wardle
Managing Partner

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