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Kerr, Russell and Weber, PLC

To Whom It May Concern:

I am President and General Counsel for The Cascades of Northville Homeowners Association.  Property Services Group, Inc., through Bob Stillings, has acted as management company for our Association over the past year.  My law firm and I represent several homeowners and condominium owners associations and deal with several management companies.

Please be advised that I would recommend Bob Stillings and Property Services Group without hesitation to act as managers for homeowners or condominium owners associations.  I have been quite pleased with Property Services Group's bookkeeping efficiencies and overall service to our Association.  Property Services Group and Bob have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist us with several difficult and unique issues which have arisen over the past year.  Bob regularly attends monthly board meetings, though not rquired (or paid) to do so.  I find Bob and his management company extremely responsive, professional and a real pleasure to deal with.

I would be happy to discuss the above with anyone interested in doing so.

Very truly yours,

Eric I. Lark

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